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School Programs

We have several programs designed to help get more resources in front of your students...

1) Additional discounts to schools interested in directly purchasing a large quantity of books.

       - Many schools use Title 1 or other funds to make books available to either all or lower income students.
       - Discounts will vary by Title, Quantity, and your location.
       - FREE Delivery.

2) The Summer Bridge Activities Event is our most popular program!

This can be run as either a Fundraiser or Service passing along savings to the parents...

Your cost is $9.99 and the Regular retail price is $14.99 ...This leaves a $5 difference per book sold. You set your own price for parents and the corresponding profit per book...

     - As a Fundraiser you would sell for $14.99 and keep the $5.00 profit as your profit per book.

     - As a Service you would simply sell for $9.99 (your cost) and the parents would save $5 by purchasing through your organization vs. in a store at regular price.

     - Many schools will combine the above scenarios and sell for a price in between. (Example: Sell $12.99 = $3 profit per book and a savings to the parents of $2.00)

So How Does This Work???   It's Easy....

1) Decide you want to participate and let us know by using our CONTACT FORM or calling 1-866-496-9894
2) We will then create your custom order form (sample below) that you will send home to your parents
3) Parents return orders & payment to school
4) You tally the orders and contact us with your total order
5) We ship the books to your school for delivery within 2 weeks
6) You distribute the books to students.

Need something different? No problem, we can customize a program to fit your needs. Just give us a call!

There is absolutely No-Obligation or minimum order amount.
FREE Shipping on all orders delivering to schools.

To get started just give us a call toll free at 866-496-9894 or send your request using our contact form

Sample parent order form.....  To receive the form customized with your schools information just give us a call or use the contact form link above.