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Summer Bridge Books | Summer Bridge Activities On Sale $9.99 - Newest Version


Summer Bridge Books       

 It's that time of year again -- time to start thinking about summer and helping your children or students retain all the great things they learned at school this year. Research indicates that that children may lose up to 28% of learned material over the summer. A great way to overcome this learning loss is through the use of Summer Bridge Workbooks. We have put together a variety of options for children to work on over the coming summer.

    Summer Bridge Activities Workbook Series    (RECOMMENDED!)
This award winning series has received numerous awards and great reviews from both parents and educators. It is by far, the most popular summer bridge book available.

Unique format includes activities in Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Language, Social Studies, and Science. By encouraging your children to do just two pages a day of the grade appropriate workbook, you can stay involved with your children's education and show that learning is not just for the classroom, but can happen all year round!

- #1 Brand trusted by parents
- Most current version available for 2016
- Written by award winning educators
- Teacher recommended
- Exercises in Math, Reading, Writing, Language Arts, and More...